USD 361 was formed in 1964 by combining several township schools along with the Anthony and Harper City Schools into one district. Since that time, a combined high school was built between Anthony and Harper along with several additions to all 3 buildings.

Along with several faith-based pre-schools, both Harper and Anthony Elementary offer a 4-year-old at-risk preschool program along with learning opportunities from a kindergarten to a 6th-grade environment. A strong focus on community connection along with a foundation in reading, math, engineering, and art are points of emphasis at the preschool to 6th-grade level.

Chaparral Jr/Sr High has learning opportunities for 7th through 12th-grade students. Along with curricular offerings in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies; students have the opportunity to complete Career & Technical Classes that can be completed for College Credit. Students also have the opportunity to complete several College General Education classes while attending Chaparral.

Approximately 800 students attend school each day shared among 61 teachers. Each building has a counselor/social worker with the Jr/Sr High with additional staff to support career exploration, job shadows, internships and post-secondary planning. 

Additional post-secondary opportunities have been added in the past few years to support increased graduation rates and post-secondary success.

Building Goals

Anthony Elementary

Chaparral Jr/Sr High

Harper Elementary