iPad Help

How do I connect my iPad to my WiFi at home?

Go to: Settings | WiFi

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on (it will be green)Select your home wireless network by name and type in the password.If you have problems with your home Internet, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).SCTelcom - 877.723.6875 KANOKLA - 800.526.6552

Still having WIFi Problems?

Try: Settings | General | Reset | Reset Network Settings | Reset

and then rejoin your wireless network

How do I find my iPad's Serial Number?

Go to: Settings | General | About

Look for the Serial Number in the format:DMPW2345GHJK

How do I get an app installed on my iPad?

Go To the Manager app | Self Service | My Apps

Select (Re)Install / Update on the App that needs to be installed.
If the app you need isn't listed in the Manager app then contact tech support who will push the app out to your iPad:
email support@usd361.org

Reset Your iPad:

If your iPad is frozen or unresponsive cycle power:

Press and hold the power button down until the "Slide to power off" button appears.Slide to power off, wait a 10 seconds, then power on by pressing the power button until the apple log appears.

If this doesn't work, try doing a reset:

Press and hold both the power button and the home button until the device powers off and the apple logo appears,then release both buttons.

My device is broken, now what?

Arrange to swap out your device with your school librarian or use technical support:

Tech support email support@usd361.org